What is your Tether?

I've literally sat down to write this blog post several times, and like the ever changing environment we are all enduring in regards to the COVID 19 virus, so are my thoughts and emotions changing.

My original intent in writing this post was to share what I am going through in all of this (in hopes others would find comfort). But after several drafts I thought to myself...who the heck cares! We are ALL dealing with something! I realized my purpose is to take the lessons from what I am learning right now, and provide something of value to others. So, here's hoping that's what this blog post offers.

At the start of the year, I chose a word to guide me, and that word is TRUST. The past few weeks have reminded me that trust during times of ease, is in fact easy. It's during times of fear, doubt and uncertainty when our anchors are truly put to the test. For me, my anchor is my TRUST in God and all I know Him to be. Again, easy in times of joy and certainty.

For many like me, the past few weeks have made us feel like a boat without a tether, sometimes coming into contact with rough seas and being gripped with fear, sometimes experiencing calm waters and feeling a sense of gratitude and peace, all the while floating to a destination that none of us are sure of. Where will we all end up at the end of this?

There is a tether that is anchored securely and it is available for all of us to grab hold of. But this tether is not screaming for our attention, and competing in the noisy space of media, hype, fear and chatter. This tether is silently waving in the warm breeze, quietly inviting us to grab hold.

And when we do, we feel an immediate sense of peace and calm knowing everything will be alright, and that there's a presence bigger than ourselves that is always in charge. For me, I call that tether Jesus Christ, and God is the anchor. For others, I know your words are different, but your sentiments are the same, so I speak to all of us as we re-center and remember:

1. God is in control

We can view this as something that strikes fear, or we can wipe our brow and say "phew, I will put my trust in you." Look around and remind yourself of the magnitude of God. Look at the mountains, the ocean, a sunset, into the eyes of your children, the blooming of Spring; anything that grounds you, and reminds you of his power. Breathe it in and say it to yourself. God is in control.

2. Blessings abound

There are gifts even in the midst of all of this tragedy, and we can choose whether or not to see them. When the skies pour rain, we can view this as gloom, or beauty - our choice. It's not whether or not there is beauty to be had in all of this, it is truly whether we choose to see it. Each day, we can begin with a prayer of intention to see the beauty and blessings placed before us. You will be amazed at what is revealed to you.

3. Keep your eyes fixed

Staying in a state of gratitude and love happens with small choices we make every minute of the day. The more times we choose to shift our mindset from fear to love, the more it becomes a habit, and pretty soon, this is the person we become - someone who operates from a place of love. This is where my word comes in. TRUST. Trust for me is keeping my eyes fixed on God and not looking down at the swirling waters below.

4. Love will be our ultimate medicine

We have all seen the ways in which people have stepped up to love on others during this crisis. We are operating in a new way, and when this is all over, we will be changed. We can lean in and listen to the lessons that this season is offering, or we could ignore them. I believe that we will choose to do the former, and it will be the key to our healing, and to a more kind and caring path for humanity moving forward.

My hope is that we do everything we can to listen to the offerings of this season. Let's be fervent in prayer for health care workers, first responders, child care providers, scientists and decision makers - all of whom are on the front line.

Wishing you peace, growth and health during this time. May we all do the work to grab onto our tether, so that we can offer stillness to others in this sea of uncertainty.

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